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Tango stage choreography creation sessions

This is my first time preparing a group of my students to be on stage. It’s time to start to pass on the legacy.

Since I moved to the U.S I focused my teaching mainly in social dancing.  I have accumulated 25+ years of experience in the arts of dance performing. The majority of it with Argentine Tango. I performed with the finest tango dance groups in the world and participated in the biggest stage productions a tango dancer could dream to be part. I feel it’s time to start to let all of that knowledge be shared, come out of me. Be part of the experiment, let’s make history together.

Argentine Tango stage choreography creation sessions with Patricio Touceda.



12 Weeks Series.
Tuesdays of Septmeber/October/November
Show times: December 3
$390/Series per student.

Our goal is to create two group tango choreographs to be presented as part of “Piropos” Tango showcase at Milonga El Secreto in December 2016. Hosted by Michelle Badion/Patricio Touceda.
This creation project will take place during September, October and November. Participants have to be available to participate weekly in the rehearsals during the entire 3 month season.
You can skip a few sessions, but it’s not recommended. The work is progressive and build on previous work. It is your responsibility to learn the missed parts of choreography. Be prepared to work hard, learn a lot and to be challenged.


Optionally, students can register  and take part in the choreography sessions but might not want to perform in the showcase. This is specially good for students who are not technically prepared or have never done choreography before and want to get started in this style of dance.

Pre-requisites to participate are intermediate level and up. You need to have a good embrace, good walking, very good ochos and boleos, good turns. Be familiar with sacadas, ganchos and barridas. This is not a place to learn new basic vocabulary, but to refine it, improve it and learn to use it precisely in the music. We will include a lot of technique in the sessions and tips on how to dance with good mechanics.

Partner  are necessary to dance tango. You can sign with or without a partner.  I will help match you with a partner among the registered participants. If a match cannot be made, unfortunately you cannot take part in the project.

Audition might take place on week 9. Depending on the size of the group and the difference in levels of proficiency, I might select a group of couples who will be the designated dancers in the show. This might or might not take place.

Tuition: $390 per student for the entire 3 month project. Payable all together or in monthly installments.


TO REGISTER, please send us an e-mail with a brief explanation of your level, your interest in participating in the show or not and if you are signing up with a partner. looking forward to hear from you!





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