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A Tango for Puerto Rico fundraiser update

On October 29, 2017 the Seattle Tango community united to help others in need. The tangueros and their friends, donated (even when they couldn’t be there), volunteered, DJed, cooked, laughed, hugged, bought items, and danced. It all worked perfectly to help raise funds.
As a result, COSTA SALUD community health center in Rincon ( and Clay Germano received respectively a cash donation through payapl, a set of digital radios that will play a vital role in the communications for the “disaster preparedness team” under development. And a portable water filtration system.

The money raised was used as follows:
You raised $5507 after deducting $614 in expenses we had.
The radios and pump cost $2165, plus shipping and handling of $395. The paypal funds donation was for $2947.
COSTA SALUD could use this money to further develop the Radio communications systems of Rincon or any other thing they may find appropriate.
We wish them good luck in the process of rebuilding and moving forward.

We want to express our gratitude to all of those who took part of this event in one way or another. Your time, efforts, support and donations are greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

Below are some of the messages we received from the representative at COSTA SALUD community health centers Maria Torres and Clay Germano (a Seattle tanguero who moved to PR a few years ago and helped us find a good non-profit organization to send our support).

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