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Sunday Massage services

Sean Alexander Willey is a Licensed massage practitioner with 10 years of experience. After many years of studying belly-dancing and eastern martial arts, he has recently fallen in love with tango and has about 40 hours under his belt.
Having worked at Suncadia’s Glade Spring Spa and other local establishments he has developed a “gentle deep tissue” spectrum of massage which involves smooth cross fiber friction and rocking with direct pressure. Sean’s massages are movement-oriented while focusing on efficiency and guests’ requests. His expertise in passive stretching is reminiscent of Thai massage.
With emphasis on range of motion at ball and socket joints and hinge mobility, this style of massage is well-suited for athletes of all sorts whether they are looking for short term relief or long term recovery.
In school, Sean studied sports massage instead of nursing because he prefers to heal people without dealing with blood. As an avid fire spinner and contact juggler of some repute, he is very familiar with the rigors of performance arts.
To duscuss your needs with Alexander and book your massage please contact him at or by phone at
Massage appointments at our studio are available on sundays from 12pm to 5pm.