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About Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda

Eva and Patricio have danced together since 2001. Both of them started dancing at a very young age. They have more than 20 years of experience as professional dancers. In the last decade Eva and Patricio starred in different major productions, the most notorious include Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango Show; and ZAIA, the first show staged by Cirque du Soleil in Macau.
Since 2012 they featured dancers of “Let’s Dance” a symphonic Pops concert with the finest philharmonic orchestras of the U.S.A. In January 2015 they debuted “Tango Caliente” a collaboration with Maestro Jeff Tysik to create a unique symphonic Tango concert with dancers, singers and musicians. The concert is presented throughout North America.

Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda have a great reputation as tango instructors. They have taught in Argentina and traveled many times around the world to teach special workshops to students of all levels. They participated in the Argentine Tango U.S.A Tango festival for 6 consecutive years, The Day of Tango in Austin, Argentine Tango summit in Toronto, Portland Tango Fest, Valentango Festival and more. In the Seattle area, they have contributed to grow and promote Argentine Tango for the last 15 years.

Special thanks to Wesley Kronick and Mark Kitaoka for the beautiful photos.